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Bar set in stainless steel, 5 parts

Varenummer: C202212

EAN: 4017166202212

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 679 SEK

Bar set in stainless steel, 5 parts

With this 5-part bar set you can make cocktails and drinks as a professional. Cocktail Shaker, Measuring Beaker, Strainer, Istang and Cocktail are all made of stainless steel. The cup and top of the shaker fit together perfectly so that nothing is delicious. The measuring cup can have 2cl on one side and 3 cl on the other, so you can quickly and easily measure the exact amount up to your drink. The strainer prevents anything but the liquid from getting down in your glass. The icicon has a good grip on the ice cubes so that they can be transported hygienically to the drink. The spoon is extra long and thin so it can come down among the ice cubes in tall glasses.

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