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Chili mill with metal box

Varenummer: 36090

EAN: 98399360904

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 399,00 DKK

Chili mill with metal box

The microplane chili mill is easy and quick to tear dried chili evenly and fine, so the chili retains the essential oils and thus retains the good taste. The chili mill has a luxurious silk sensitive grip that creates both comfort and stability. Easily fill in dried chilies, by sticking to the stainless steel ring and turning it to open. To achieve the best result, it must be filled at least 1/3 with dried chili. Gently click the top on and then it is ready. The chili mill comes with a practical silicone cap which prevents the fine spice dust from spreading afterwards. The Chilim Mill comes in a set along with a metal box of organic and dry-dried Birds Eye-Chilies, which has a scoville of 140,000, corresponding to a Habanero chili.

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