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Cool Rock Cooling Stone

Varenummer: C150711

EAN: 4017166150711

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 129,00 DKK

Cool Rock Cooling Stone

With Cilio, a drink "On the Rocks" gets a whole new meaning. Cool Rock's cooling stone ensures that whiskey, white wine and gin & tonic have the right temperature. They are stored in the freezer, take the form of ice cubes and have a clear advantage over them: the granites do not dilute the cocktail. In a jug with homemade limmonade or aromatized water, the cooling stones are also a real eye -catcher. Like 'Icebreaker', they bring your guests to conversation. When all glasses are empty and you have rinsed the stones under running water, they wait in the practical storage bag for their next use.

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