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Master truffle iron 2-in-1

Varenummer: 43313

EAN: 98399433134

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 549,00 DKK

Master truffle iron 2-in-1

Microplane's new 2-in-1 truffle iron you can both tear and cut truffles into perfect, uniform slices.

The truffle iron's ultra -sharp blade is easily adjustable so that the truffles can be cut into the desired thickness. The truffle iron can be used for more than just truffles. It also works well for tearing and cutting, among other things. Hard cheeses, chocolate, mushrooms, radishes and garlic.

At the end of the Microplanes 2-in-1 truffle iron, there is a silicone anti-slip foot which prevents the grater from sliding the substrate during use.

By 2022, the truffle iron won the German International Design Award Red Dot Award.

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