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Kochblume lid medium light gray

Varenummer: CL20007

EAN: 4044332200079

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 469,00 NOK

Kochblume lid medium light gray

Kochblume Universal lid with overcooking protection, medium light gray. Fits pots from 14 - 24 cm.
Kochblume is a revolutionary pot lid that makes it easy to cook potatoes, rice, pasta, and other foods, without boiling over the stove and kitchen table. In addition to acting as a overcooking protection, the lid can also be used as a splash lid as well as a handy and simple steam cooker along with a pot and a traditional lid.
Kochblume is available in several colors and sizes. Kockblume fits most pots (but not for saucepan with pouring spout).
Kochblume is made of silicone and patented. Can go in the dishwasher.

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