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Pastry spatula set with 3 pieces

Varenummer: K0805852803

EAN: 4007371057127

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 479,00 NOK

Pastry spatula set with 3 pieces

The pastry spatula set consists of a cake knife with a smooth side, a spatula and an angled spatula. With the cake of the cake knife in stainless steel, you can effortlessly cut cake bottoms. The cake of the cake knife can also be used to make a wavy design on the cake cream. You can use the spatle to distribute large amounts of cream and stuffing. The angled spatula is good for fine tuning and for distributing cream and filling in spring molds and other difficult shapes. All pastry spatulas are made of stainless steel and plastic handles. The spatles are 39 cm, 29 cm and 25 cm respectively.

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