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Long Step-Palet to Pancakes with Anatrazit

Varenummer: CL22953

EAN: 4044332870098

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 199,00 NOK

Long Step-Palet to Pancakes with Anatrazit

Sometimes you get the urge to quote the eternal of the TV commercials 'Now this is finally…'. But that's how we feel in the office with the new Pook of Cookline, which everyone here loves. This is what the chefs call a step-palette, ie. It has a small crack that allows you to get into pancakes, omelettes, omelets, fish and other things that can be a little temperamental to roast. And then it is both flexible, strong and gentle even to a most delicate grinding coating, thanks to the core of spring steel and the surrounding silicone. From here we can only say that if you have never had a narrow long step-palette in your kitchen, then it is a mistake! It is simply the palettes' response to a Swiss knife. Both when you need to turn things on the frying pan, but also if at some point you want to drain your inner pastry and try to lubricate a cake with cream or whipped cream, or distribute filling on layer cake bottoms. It just works!
CL22953 Kochblume Long Step-Palet in Black, 29 cm

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