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Peru Chocolate Fountain 0.45L

Varenummer: C490060

EAN: 4017166490060

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 1.699,00 NOK

Peru Chocolate Fountain 0.45L

Now you can make the Deserten an experience in itself. Chocolate fountains are usually something you only find at buffets on luxury hotels, but thanks to Cilio's chocolate fountains you can get the pleasure in your own home. Pamper yourself and your guests after a delicious meal, for the party or for a nice game night. Children's eyes get big when the chocolate fountains Haiti or Peru are on the table instead of the usual cake on their birthday. Let your imagination run wild and dip fruit, cookies or marshmallows. To finish it, you can sprinkle the chocolate bites with colorful sprinkles, pistachios or cocoa flakes. When the well is empty, the high quality stainless steel can be easily cleaned under running water.

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