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Premium Classic Zester Black

Varenummer: 46020

EAN: 98399460208

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 379,00 NOK

Premium Classic Zester Black

The Premium Classic Zester series is a favorite among Microplanes grater. The zester is preferred by passionate home chefs as well as professional chefs. Microplane's grater is distinguished by the grater's shades of the grater, making the leaves ultra -carp. The photo-essential technology makes the cuttings sharp as razor blades, which with precision cut ingredients, rather than peel. This releases the natural aroma and strengthens the taste. At the same time, this technology grates the grater a longer life in your kitchen. All Microplanes grater are made of stainless steel. At the end of the Microplanes zesters, there are small silicone feet that prevent the zester from sliding the substrate during use. At the same time, the anti-slip foot protects from scratches in your countertop. The zester, of course, withstands machine washing. Microplanes zesters with 400 microt teeth are especially good for tearing. citrus fruits, hard cheeses, ginger, chocolate, nutmegs and truffles.

A protective case is always included when purchasing Microplanes Zesters, which allows you to safely store your zester in drawers and cabinets. The zester has an ergonomic soft-touch handle for maximum comfort when using. All Microplanes products also have a lifelong warranty.

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