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Sads spoon with scratch effect Anthracite gray

Varenummer: CL22016

EAN: 4044332770060

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 249,00 NOK

Sads spoon with scratch effect Anthracite gray

Sads spoon with oval design for precise serving without waste and spray. Silicone with core of spring steel.
Kochblum's series of kitchen utensils is made of spring steel and silicone, so they are flexible, supple, hardy and gentle on even the most delicate slip-light coatings. Even our most hard-handed product tester has managed to hurt a Kochblume Palet in the same series-after more than a year of daily use!
Thanks to the very supple silicone edge, you can scrape the edges completely clean - just like with the best dough scraper.
It also does not scratch other kitchen utensils due to the scornfulness of the material.
Withstands 300 degrees and dishwasher.

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