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Swisch Allround Silicone Brush Turkis

Varenummer: CL22949-07

EAN: 4044332850205

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 93,92 NOK

Swisch Allround Silicone Brush Turkis

Swisch is a multifunctional, reusable silicone sponge that is easy to keep clean. Use Swisch instead of both dish brush and scouring sponge. Swisch has 4,500 tiny silicone brushes that make it easy to cleanse gently. Even the delicate slip-light pan can give a proper ride without being afraid of scratching it. You can also use Swisch to get into the edges of bowls and dishes. And in dry state, Swisch acts as a lint brush that easily removes hair and fools from the clothes. Limited only by imagination. Flexible and hygienic.
CL22949-07 Kochblume Swisch Allround Silicone Brush, Turkis

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